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Research Training

School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews

Research Training Component (RTC)

The Research Training Component (RTC) of the EngD programme is a taught component. It allows the Research Engineer (RE) to undertake advanced, taught modules as part of the preparation and background for the Individual Research Component (IRC).

Taught modules

The RTC normally requires REs to complete eight advanced, taught modules. However, after admission, based on an individual applicant’s experience and educational background, it may be possible to receive exemptions for some of the 8 modules. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis for each applicant.

The eights modules are typically taken four at a time, four in Semester 1, and for in Semester 2. However, Semester 1 can be completed in the first year of the EngD and Semester 2 can be completed in year two. The two possible schedules are shown below, and each RE can chose which schedule to follow, by consultation and agreement with the Industrial Supervisor and  Academic Supervisor.

Table 1: Schedule for RTC in year one only
Month Activity
01-09 RTC Semester 1 + 2
10-44 IRC
45-47 Writing-up of dissertation
48 Submission and viva voce examination


Table 2: Schedule for RTC spread across year one and year two
Month Activity
01-04 RTC Semester 1
05-16 IRC Part 1
17-21 RTC Semester 2
22-44 IRC Part 2
45-47 Writing-up of dissertation
48 Submission and viva voce examination

Choosing modules – Advising Period

Modules are selected by a RE in consultation with both the Academic Supervisor and Industrial Supervisor during an Advising Period at the start of each Semester. The intention is that the chosen modules will provide a major part of the knowledge, understanding and skills that are needed for the RE to undertake the activities in the IRC.


Each module will be assessed by a mix of coursework assignments and exams. Coursework assignments are undertaken normally during the first 11-12 weeks of each semester, with written exams at the end of semester, normally in weeks 13-15. The University awards marks and grades on a 20-point scale, and REs will be required to achieve a mean grade of 13.5/20 across all modules in the RTC in order to qualify for completion of the IRC and the submission of an EngD dissertation.

Current list of modules

The current list of modules is here. However, please be aware that this list may be updated. Of course, REs and Industry Sponsors always receive the most up-to-date information about modules during the Advising Period.