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Current Research Engineers

School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews, in partnership with The Data Lab

Agastya Silvina: I am an EngD student under the supervision of Dr Juliana K. F. Bowles. My work will consist of a variety of projects involving multiple cancer databases from NHS Lothian that stretch back several decades. I am a subtly charming web practitioner, a hipster-friendly Software Engineer, and a mayonnaise aficionado. I come from Indonesia and did my master in computer science here at St. Andrews (Double Erasmus Mundus MSc in Dependable Software Systems). Oh yeah, I love orca, panda, doodling, and maths.


Diego Arenas: I’m a Computer Engineer from Chile, I did an MSc in Data Science at the University of Edinburgh in 2015/16. I have worked in Information Systems for nearly 10 years in Business Intelligence, Datawarehousing and Data Mining projects. As a consultant I have modelled and processed data for different industries.I enjoy working with Data Technologies and I’m very passionate about it, I like to work on side data projects too. My main interests are in Big Data, Machine Learning, Open Data, IoT and Free Software. I also like to write opinion articles about data science and information technologies.  I play football on the weekends and I’m always up for a game. I play lead guitar in a rock band with friends.