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Research Engineers

School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews



Patrick Shrempf: I am a Research Engineer under supervision of Dr David Harris-Birtill (University of St Andrews) and Dr Alison O’Neil (Canon Medical Research Europe). I completed my BSc Computer Science at St Andrews in 2018 and am now working with the AI Research team at the Canon Medical Research Europe offices in Edinburgh. My research applies artificial intelligence to the medical domain and is focussed around both natural language processing and image analysis.








Diego Arenas: I’m a Computer Engineer from Chile, I did an MSc in Data Science at the University of Edinburgh in 2015/16. I have worked in Information Systems for nearly 10 years in Business Intelligence, Datawarehousing and Data Mining projects. As a consultant I have modelled and processed data for different industries.I enjoy working with Data Technologies and I’m very passionate about it, I like to work on side data projects too. My main interests are in Big Data, Machine Learning, Open Data, IoT and Free Software. I also like to write opinion articles about data science and information technologies.  I play football on the weekends and I’m always up for a game. I play lead guitar in a rock band with friends.





Agastya Silvina: I am an EngD student under the supervision of Dr Juliana K. F. Bowles. My work will consist of a variety of projects involving multiple cancer databases from NHS Lothian that stretch back several decades. I am a subtly charming web practitioner, a hipster-friendly Software Engineer, and a mayonnaise aficionado. I come from Indonesia and did my master in computer science here at St. Andrews (Double Erasmus Mundus MSc in Dependable Software Systems). Oh yeah, I love orca, panda, doodling, and maths.