Fees and costs

The fees and costs for entry in September 2017 are given below. These are subject to review for entry after September 2017.

Fees for entry in 2017

EU/UK: fees for 2017/2018 will be £4,195. (As an indication of the annual increase in fees, previous fees were £4,121 in 2016/17, and £4,052 in 2015/16.)

Non-EU/UK: £18,850 pa (fixed for the duration of the full fee paying period of study).

(University’s main page on Fees and Funding.)


The Research Engineer (RE) is paid a tax-free stipend of £16,000 pa.

Other costs

There may be other costs to the RE, such as travel for meetings, attendance at workshops or conferences, publication costs, purchase of specialist equipment, access to specialist facilities etc.

All costs are normally borne by the Industry Sponsor. However, there are 5 Data Lab Prize Studentships that have been dedicated specificially to the St Andrews EngD programme, available for September 2017 entry. Also, The Data Lab have an open call for PhDs and EngDs, which could also be used by Industry Sponsors to apply to this EngD programme.

Of course, in terms of resources at the University, the RE will have access to the learning, teaching and research resources offered to all of our research students.

Entry in September 2018

Fees and stipend for entry in September 2018 are yet to be confirmed.